This Saturday is Veterans Day. Our Post will again be marching in Saturday’s parade at 9:30am.

I’m sometimes asked why I bother to get dressed up in a shirt and tie, put on my cover and march in the cold (and sometimes rain or snow.)

To be honest, I don’t enjoy marching. Not because of the weather or the distance or the time from my day it requires (which isn’t a lot anyway.) It’s because the crowds lining the streets applaud us (the Sons) as much as they do the Veterans who march. We don’t come close to deserving that kind of recognition, but all they see is the Flag and men wearing covers and I think they assume we’re Veterans as well. I know too well just what kind of sacrifice Veterans have made and it makes me uncomfortable to be mistaken for one.

But, I march anyway. I march because there are a lot of men who never came back. Men who never had the sons they thought they would. And since those sons will never have a chance to march and honor their fathers, this Saturday morning I’ll hoist a flag or help carry a banner or just try to stay in step with my fellow Sons.

I’d love it if you’d come downtown and join me in honor the brave men and women who’ve defended our country. The parade starts at the intersection of Michigan and Division Avenue and runs south to Fulton and then goes east to Veterans Park. We step off at 9:30am.